My name is Diane Greco Josefowicz, and I used to post all sorts of stuff on this site. Lately a number of friends have urged me to use this space for a different purpose: to clarify the scope of my work which, as it does range over a few categories, genres and audiences, can be a little confusing.

I write all sorts of things -- fiction, nonfiction, scholarship, book reviews, and even some journalism (arts and travel). My scholarly interests orbit about the history of science in modern Europe. My fiction is literary and sometimes participates in the historical worlds I explore in my scholarship. In both kinds of writing -- historical and literary -- I would say that I'm something of a miniaturist, constantly looking for ways to convey larger truths through meticulous observation and rendering of detail.

I should probably add that I spent a good part of my early career working as an editor at Eastgate Systems, a hypertext publisher located in Watertown, Massachusetts. After some years away, I recently returned to hypertext, as the Science & Technology editor of the Victorian Web, a role that connects my interest in hypertext with my training in the history of science.

I'm represented by Matthew Carnicelli of Carnicelli Literary Management.

My books: 

The Zodiac of Paris: How an Improbable Controversy over an Ancient Egyptian Artifact Provoked a Modern Debate over Science and Religion. Princeton University Press, 2010 (with Jed Z. Buchwald).

  • Reviews: Nature, New Scientist, Choice (ALA), Library Journal, British Journal for the History of Science, Journal of the History of Scicnce, Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, The European Legacy, Journal for the History of Astronomy, Metascience, Mathematical Association of America, Isis, French History 
  • A 2011 Library Journal Category Bestseller (History of Science).

Reading Hypertext. Eastgate, 2009. (edited volume, with Mark Bernstein)

My short stories:

“The Last of the Nuba.” The Saint Ann’s Review (Spring 2014): 15-33. [purchase from the publisher]

“The Dwindling.” Conjunctions 57 (2011): 307-325. [purchase from Amazon]

“Eleven, the Spelunker.” The Saint Ann's Review, Tenth Anniversary Issue (2010): 149-161. [reprint] [purchase from the publisher]

“I Was Sure I’d See You Someday.” Folio: A Literary Journal at American University 25.2 (2010): 29-42 .

“Eleven, the Spelunker.” The Saint Ann’s Review 8.1 (2008): 12-24.[purchase from the publisher]

“Alberto, A Case History.” Fence 9.1 (2006): 140-151. 

“Recording Angel.” The Saint Ann’s Review, Fifth Anniversary Issue (2005): 172-182. [reprint] [purchase from the publisher]

“Miracle of Science.” The Saint Ann’s Review 3.2 (2002): 21-35. [purchase from the publisher]

“What I Feel I Must Tell You Is This.” Vestal Review 9 (2002): 16-18.

“Recording Angel.” The Saint Ann’s Review 1.2 (2000): 30-40. [purchase from the publisher]

“Rich Living.” The Laurel Review 34.2 (2000): 71-98.