Noted, today: the year's first perennial shoots have pushed through the winter mulch. It's not so much that hope springs eternal, or even that spring does, but that perennials just are the gardener's great friends -- not necessarily showy or fancy, but the ones who come through again and again.


The Littlest Astronomer

Tonight, Jane explained heliacal rising to me on our way out of the car.

"How do you know all this stuff?" I stammered, after picking my jaw up off the driveway.

"From myths," she says.

I doubt I could have provided such a succinct demonstration of the de Santillana-von Dechend thesis. Those old stories were more than just entertainment.


Blonde Ambitions

Jane assigns ambitions to her Barbie dolls and posts a sign:

"Tyty wd loyk
to be a mom.
Joy wd loyk
to thiic abawt it.
And the last wun
is a mar [mayor]."


Schumann Resonances

Saved for another day: Wikipedia entry on Schumann resonances, regular disturbances in the earth's electromagnetic field related to global thunderstorm activity. The maximum frequency of these resonances is about 60 Hz.


Not Just a Name

What wonders the internet coughs up. Today's wonder: a small dictionary of Griko, an antique dialect of southern Italy, from the days of Magna Graecia, which stretched all the way to the Black Sea's eastern coast, you know, back in the day.