I Kid, I Kid!

We're having some great dinner conversations. Tonight, we wondered about the image of the scary German Shepherd that's being used to promote Jay Z's memoir. It seems a bit prejudiced against the breed. On the other hand, MJ says, the breed was used by police for intimidation and persecution in the South and eastern Europe.

Can't deny that. The breed has an image problem.

Plus, Nike keeps trying to eat the UPS guy.

One day, he says to me, as he stretches out on the carpet in my office, I will get him. Doesn't he wear a brown shirt?

Not the same thing, I tell him. The rule is, no biting.

My warning isn't really necesssary. Nike's most intense longings involve mainly cheese and peanut butter. He is truly half Snoopy, half Triumph, the Insult-Comic Dog. He is not so much dangerous he is simply undermining.

I kid, I kid, he says. I come from love.


Where the soul might go ...

"... to the sky or to the earth far away, to the four-cornered earth far away, to the four quarters of sky, to the billowy ocean, to the flowing streams of light, to the waters, or to the plants, to the sun or to the dawns, to the high mountains far away, to this whole moving universe, beyond the beyond, to what has been and what is to be, far away." (Adapted from the Rig Veda, trans. O'Flaherty.)



Resolved, for 2011: More Amy Winehouse, less His Girl Friday. (We all know who "he" is.)


New fiction!

"I Was Sure I'd See You Someday," a short story about mothers and daughters, locks and locksmiths, and adventure stories copied onto 1970s-vintage ditto sheets, appears in the Spring 2010 issue of Folio, the literary magazine published by the MFA program at American University.