Oh yes. Oh yes!

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Even the New Yorker has gotten hip to the goofy majesty that is the German Shepherd Dawg.


Am currently hip-deep in the literature, so to speak, on the (ab)use of creative writing and creative writers in the college writing classroom. It is most disheartening. The only conclusion one could reasonably draw is that English departments should simply be eliminated from the university, as a measure of compassion, to end the misery of all concerned.

Apparently creative writers are useless when it comes to enforcing writing standards of any kind, from mechanics to rhetoric, while literature professors are pedants who can't write their way out of the recycled paper bags on which they compose their unreadable scholarly monographs.

I've got a PhD and an MFA -- the worst of both worlds! At least the PhD isn't in English, though I doubt I would find a lot of support for my creative work in a history department.



Still love this video. A white guy who can't dance is joined eventually by lots of folks who also can't dance, all finally dancing to an ethereal single voice. A very human document. Dare I say that? My students, who are much cooler than I am, will heave one big collective sigh, and wonder. Moi aussi, I suppose.

Define human, they will say. (Those who dance stupidly to a single human voice. Those who long to do this with others. Those who get their wish, for good or ill.) Define document. (Now you're askin'.)