I have vivid memories of the local grocery store (now defunct) in my hometown. It included one of these, a wall of chutes into which canned goods were fed by a mysterious person in the back, who had certain affinities with the Wizard of Oz. Sometimes, between the deviled ham and the brown bread, there was a flash of shirt. That was all. Apparently, when it came to grocery store fittings, these chutes were the latest thing in 1953.

By the time I was old enough to notice them, they were a little past their prime, but still somehow evocative. I wonder why they fell out of favor. Maybe the process dented too many cans.

more vintage supermarket photos
the vegetable aisle looks familiar (definitely slim pickings compared to today)

More nostalgic crap: Fun Factory Jr (play-doh exactly as I remember it), and the Yoda play-doh set.