Eco-Friendlier House & Household

Things to do once we move:

1. Replace as many lightbulbs as possible with eco-friendly fluorescents.
2. Buy a composter and use it!
3. Find a substitute for the little plastic bags we use for Jane's lunches.
4. Look into rooftop solar panels (for next year).
5. Assess transportation needs. Do we need a new car? What about a bicycle? A jogging stroller?
6. Plant new trees to replace the rotten ones we had to cut down (sigh).
7. Call National Grid and switch from coal-generated electricity to something greener.
8. Assess cost & environmental impact of window A/C units versus a new compressor. Last summer we only needed A/C for the two really hot weeks in July/August. But window units aren't especially efficient.
9. Do a better job shopping at local farmers' markets & using local CSA offerings...
10. Find ways to minimize the non-recyclable content of food packaging (e.g., coffee, frozen foods) and recycle or reuse the rest, especially the plastic containers