I love Off the Map, a presentation (by PBS) of paradises made by everyday people. The web site is just like the works themselves - there's lots to pick up and play with.

Much transformation, also, of discarded stuff by curation - putting the item into an orderly context. The presence of order - just that - lends a meaningful aura to the object. These sites start with trash, discards, junk - but they are not junkyards.

(Note to self: compare with Vanessa Bell's Charleston house and Purcell's book about Owl's Head. Later: Also, My House, My Shack. Different ideas of home, of the "personal," the "intimate," and the relationship of all these concepts to some transcendent ideal, or paradise.)

Below: the book as termite paradise (identified, isolated, photographed and curated by Rosamond Purcell into an accidental work of art):

On the OTM web site, you can even make your own "backyard paradise".

Click 'n drag sure beats planning, sweat and aggravation, plus no heavy lifting and no bugs.