Jet-Lagged Gaijin -- Day 2

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We were up at 3 am, or at least Jane was. Four hours later, we headed downstairs to see what we could find for breakfast. Naturally, because this is Japan, we found a chocolate croissant, or pain au chocolat if you are as Francophilic as petit Jane. She ate one of these while waiting for the doors to open at the hotel's breakfast buffet, whereupon she ate two more.

(Have the French created a more successful export than the pain au chocolat? Oh, right, there's that stuff called champagne.)

Then we managed to convince Jane to eat some cornflakes and a banana. I could not convince her to try the hot rice porridge with tiny dried sardines, smoked fish, sour cherries, spicy bean paste and some kind of seaweed confit, but that's what I had, and it was delicious.