Not Bad for a So-Called Nervous Flier

In the last 14 days, I've flown 12,000 air miles, through 10 time zones, on 9 airplanes, of which 5 were regional jets. This experience included: 3 unannounced episodes of "rough air," 1 airport cab that did not show up, 1 electronic device that was not stowed for takeoff, 1 unattended bag, 1 single-wheel landing and 1 firearm in someone's luggage.

Number of Ativan taken: 0.

I am Queen Serene.

[If you care about such things as much as I apparently do: This post has been substantially rewritten for no good reason; it seems my anxiety problem has been secretly replaced by Folger's Crystals, no, I mean OCD. Can you tell the difference?]