I've lately become so translatlantic that I've been tapped to write for Metrotwin, a website for travelers in New York and London.

The "twin" aspect of this project excites me very much. The site operationalizes the metaphor by letting you correlate sites between cities, so a favorite boutique hotel in Clerkenwell can be matched to, say, the Soho Grand. Sure, it's not a perfect match. The mirror is always a little cracked, a little warped -- but this is the point, is it not? To see what is produced by such ambiguity.

I'll be concentrating on NYC hotspots, at least at first. That's the city I know best, after all. Still, I like to mix things up. My latest list features things to do, see and eat when you're in NYC but would rather be in London: For Anglophiles and Homesick Brits.