Exercise for a Workaholic With a Desk Job

Before I began to write in a serious way, I had a block of free time most days between morning coffee and work, and another between work and dinner. When I could, I used that time for exercise. But starting in 1999, I began to use those blocks for writing.

So for years now I have been trying to figure out how to fit regular exercise into my schedule. MIT professor Henry Jenkins has a great idea: Exercise while you work!

"My doctor wanted me to exercise. I knew I would never do it since it would take time away from work. So I decided to integrate it into my professional life. I now have walking office hours. I will take a student or colleague with me on the two mile walk around the Charles I take most days, weather permitting. It both insures that I get my exercise and that I get to know the people I work with better."

This practice has an added benefit that Jenkins notes but doesn't emphasize - it's also a way to work in some socializing. Instead of going for coffee, why not take a walk? Hmm...