Nike Learns An Important Lesson

It's raining, the apple tree has dropped its blossoms. and Nike's beloved outside toy, the Aged Bald Basketball, is covered with petals. As he noses the ball around the yard, now and then he snarfs up a petal, which makes him cough.

You gotta learn to take the bad with the good there, Nike, I say. It is fun to patronize him. We have shortcomings in common.

I don't say: You need to understand that your all-good object, the Aged Bald Basketball, has its flaws, too. I don't say: Someday you will understand how the bad petals on the good basketball fit into the larger scheme of things.

Well, now he's chewing up apple blossoms. This is how he has decided to solve the problem.

If he throws up, we still have work to do. If he doesn't ... Problem solved, I guess.