Tidbit du Jour

In English, "plumber's friend" is a euphemism for a plunger.

But if you are in a Parisian hotel with wonky plumbing for which you request a "plongeur," you are likely receive a visit from Greg Louganis and a lesson on French faux amis, of which plongeur is one, and not just for the plumber.

So, in Paris, if you have the need, request a ventouse, and leave the plunging to the Olympians.

By which I do not mean the immortals on Mt. Olympus, but today's useless tidbit was in fact, and strangely enough, inspired by "Il Tuffatore" of Paestum, the only example of Greek tomb painting that includes a human figure. He is plonge-ing into the afterlife.

Is it a death, or a rebirth? Intriguingly, "ventouse" is also used to describe suction-aided baby deliveries. So,on second thought, be careful about asking for a ventouse, at least in obstetrical contexts.